Permission Sets & The Permissioner

Great blog post/interview by Mike Gerholdt on Salesforce Permission sets! 

It’s called the Permissioner and we’ve noticed that through the last bunch of months that dealing with a bunch of customers and clients that we have been teaching them and educating them about permission sets and we would show them and they would love it! And then you know they would have about 30-40 users that they would want to assign a permission set to. You know a very simple permission set like – edit three fields on a specific object. And we were all “That’s great! Let’s use a permission set for it.” But when it comes time to assign a permission set to those 30-40 users it became a headache… The typical admin just wants to just have a user interface, let me click through, let me find the people I want to assign this permission set to, and let me assign it to them. So that is what we set out to build with the permissioner. A really nice simple, search interface. 

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