The Inverted Interrobang on iOS & Mac… ⸘What‽

The inverted interrobang can be used to start phrases in Spanish and other language. Some have asked about the inverted interrobang, so here it is!

Load this post in Safari, copy, then create a keyboard auto-correct, just like with the interrobang, and you can start typing an inverted interrobang on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I would recommend making the shortcut ‘i?!’ with the ‘i’ standing for inverted. This will only sync to your Mac if you’re running a newer version of iOS and OS X with iCloud syncing enabled.

According to Wikipedia, some call the inverted interrobang a gnaborretni, or interrobang written backwards.

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  • Hello. Seems IOS 7 Safari can not read this symbol and instead leaves a big empty square‽ Is there anyway to enable mobile Safari?

  • Unfortunately there is no way to make this visible in Safari for iOS. The best we can do is hope for this character to be included in the character set in iOS 8 or a future update to iOS 7.x. WIsh I had a better answer for ya!

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