My First Salesforce TrailheaDX Conference – #TDX2017

I’ve got my first TrailheaDX under my belt, and I must say, it was worth the trip. The entire conference was held inside Moscone West, a very nice reprieve from a plethora of hotels, the Yerba Buena Center, and the three Moscone buildings that make up Dreamforce. Co-workers and I estimated around 5000 attendees at this year’s event. And the sessions were almost all developer focused! Some lower-level dev, some really advanced topics like Machine Learning, and a few “admin” classes around things like platform security basics. I found it much eaiser to network and talk to folks at this conference than at Dreamforce. I’m not sure if that is attributed to the smaller conference, or that the attendees were all more like-minded people (aka nerds). There were hardly any admins, and only a few executives were around for the two days. This year we stayed at the InterContinental directly behind Moscone West, and I must say that was a great decision. Being able to hop back to my room for a quick call or to drop some stuff off was awesome.

There was a ton of great content ranging from Einstein to platform architecture to Apex to Lightning, with plenty of hands on sessions. But my main takeaway was that if you’re not on Lightning, you better have plans to make a move. It was clear based that Lightning is the future, and the Aloha (Classic) UI isn’t going to be getting many, if any, of the new bells and whistles going forward. I’ve already started to formulate some plans in my head for a migration to the new UI, and will be putting them on paper in the coming weeks. I’ve also added the migration manual to my reading list – thanks for the book, Salesforce!

What are your plans to make the switch to Lightning? Have you already made it? I’d love to hear your feedback. Drop me a note or tweet.

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