SnarkPile: Where all of your terrible ideas come true, in sticker form!

Last month I co-founded a new small business, SnarkPile! My business partner Dave and I both have the entrepreneurial spirit and always kicked around different business ideas. He called me one day and pitched an idea to bring #SassTags into the real world. I was hooked, and a few weeks later, we launched the site. Since then, we’ve launched new designs and continue to build our inventory. I’m excited to see where this ride takes us.

If you need something to decorate your water bottle, iPad, laptop, or have any other place that needs a sticker, we’ve got one for you! And don’t forget find us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Recovering Texan proudly in the PNW. Cyclist. Avid traveler and aviation geek. Apple fanboy. Lover of cold brew. Maker of SassTags. Learning Python. he/him. ⚣

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